Incredible moment 217 skydivers break a world record with three stunning formations as they hurtle towards the ground at 120 mph

This is the incredible moment 217 skydivers jump simultaneously from ten different aircrafts, to break a world record with three stunning formations, as they hurtle towards the ground at 120 mph.

Hoping the break the record for the largest ever group to complete two and three different formations while free-falling, 217 jumpers taking part in the ‘Sequential Games’, in Eloy, Arizona, USA.


Littering the sky as they jump from the plane’s hatch, the double century of daredevils swoop into their designated position in waves, forming a stunning symmetrical flower-shaped pattern in the sky.

With the smallest slip-up carrying potentially fatal consequences, these thrill-seekers remain completely unphased as they seamlessly transition into an extension of their flower pattern, before veering off to create a smaller three-tiered circle.

Eclipsing the former record – of 104 people – for the number of people attempting three formations in a single jump, skydive veteran and videographer, Gary Wainwright, was left ‘stunned’ by the spectacle as he hovered above the troupe, filming the event.


Gary, from Nottingham, UK, who has completed 9932 jumps over 24 years, said: “It was a great event to be a part of as not many people get to witness something like this first-hand.

“It’s actually really nerve-wracking being a part of a record of this scale, buy I guess skydivers like to be nervous, that’s why we started jumping in the first place.

“It’s a very difficult stunt to pull off, a lot of planning goes into it and during there’s a lot of non-verbal communication going on, everyone really has to focus.


“There are so many precautions to consider, it’s important not to get in anyone’s way, stick to the plan, deploy at the right time as well as having your head on a swivel to ensure you’re aware of everyone around you, so you all land safely.

“It really was a fantastic thing to be a part of, it took us seven attempts to get it right.

“I often film the ‘Sequential Games’, and it’s always an honour to be a part of and film.”