Incredible images show ‘nuclear’ tornado in Wyoming

Pic by Greg Campbell/Caters News 

With its distinctive mushroom cloud, these images show the awesome power and ferocity of a “nuclear” tornado – which at first glance could easily be mistaken for a mushroom cloud after a nuclear blast.

Captured near Laramie in Wyoming, the images show a rare and unusual form of twister as it battered its way through the barren plains, leaving behind a trail of debris.

Pic by Greg Campbell/Caters News

Greg Campbell, snapped the dramatic pics one evening while on holiday north east of Laramie.

A veteran “storm chaser”, Greg said it was the most dramatic tornado he’d ever seen.

When he came across the storm he was amazed by what he saw.

Pic by Greg Campbell/Caters News

He said: “We chased it down near Laramie.

“We saw debris on the ground from where it crossed a road.”

Greg looked on in amazement as the tornado continued its terrible and dramatic path of destruction.

Pic by Greg Campbell/Caters News

“We then watched it head up over the nearby hills, shrouded in dust and debris. We pursued it and caught back up to it as it reformed, then roped out.

“We saw its birth and death, and everything in between.

“It was sensational day,” he added.

Reflecting on the incredible moment, Greg said that watching the tornado was “a dream come true”.

Pic by Greg Campbell/Caters News

“I’ve had a fascination with storms from a young age and seeing a tornado is the epitome of storm watching,” he said.

“This is the largest tornado I’ve ever seen and to be one of the very few people that saw it makes it so special.

“It was almost surreal.”