Incredible footage of underwater weightlifting

This strong free diver found some weights while underwater and decided to see if he can lift them. 

Adam Stern, 28  from Copacabana, New South Wales is a professional free diver and takes part in diving competitions.

On the 15th of September he found some lifts while diving in Amed, Bali and was filmed trying to lift them. 

He said: “I compete in competitions where athletes dive as deep as they can on one breath- I hold 4 Australian records and was ranked 5th in the world for 2016 in the Men’s with fins category.

” I can dive to 104 meters on one breath. 

“Me and the world’s deepest free diver,  Alexey Molchanov found a set of old concrete weights underwater -they must have been from an old local gym but they’d been discarded. 

“So we started playing with them – doing lifts and taking photos.

” It’s actually much harder than it looks to balance underwater while lifting weights”.