Incredible aerials capture nomads herding hundreds of sheep back to spring pastures in annual migration

These amazing images capture nomads herding hundreds of sheep back to their spring pastures in an annual migration.

Snapper Andy Williams, 56, from New York, travelled to western Mongolia to photograph the incredible annual spectacle from the air.

PIC FROM Andy Williams/Caters News

The drone pilot initially flew to the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, in February, before moving to the city of Ölgii and eventually meeting a family of nomads near the small town of Sagsai.

Over the coming days, Andy travelled 93 miles along the traditional migration routes with the family and their livestock, sheep, goats, yaks, cows, horses, and camels.

The nomadic herders of Mongolia have been living in the same lifestyle for thousands of years, hunting with their golden eagles, tending to their herds of livestock and changing location three to four times a year.

PIC FROM Andy Williams/Caters News

Andy said: “We travelled across some of the most beautiful winter landscapes, documenting the entire migration, the animals, the families, and their interactions.

“We made our way across tundra-like plains, on or around frozen lakes and rivers, and through mountain passes.

PIC FROM Andy Williams/Caters News

“The conditions were severely cold and wintery, with early morning lows of – 30C quite common.

“The family had timed things so the sheep wouldn’t give birth until we arrived to the new home, but along the way four lambs were born.

PIC FROM Andy Williams/Caters News

“Only one survived, and that was because the herdsman placed the lamb inside his warm coat.

“At the end of the journey, the family invited us for a huge dinner celebration inside their spring home, to celebrate another successful migration.

PIC FROM Andy Williams/Caters News

“For me personally this was an amazing experience, to get to know these people, their way of life, and the hardships they endure to tend to their livestock and live their lives.”

Andy is a photographer for Muench Workshops. For more information:

PIC FROM Andy Williams/Caters News