Impressive surfer flips upside down for three hours to capture perfect image

An impressive surfer has flipped upside down for three hours while underwater to create the perfect image.

Lorenzo Mittiga, 48, from Rome, Italy, finally managed to capture the moment surfer, Svetlin Todorov, 28, went underwater with his surfboard on April 18 this year, after taking hundreds of images.

Pic by Lorenzo Mittiga/Caters News

The pair, who were visiting Bonaire island, Dutch Caribbean, managed to get the impressive shots while paddling in the clear and shallow water in the west coast of the island, and despite spending hours holding their breath, they were over the moon with the results.

Lorenzo added: “The original idea was to shoot images of Svetlin while surfing in a real situation.

Pic by Lorenzo Mittiga/Caters News

Surfing is one of his biggest passions in life but the problem was that in that period there are no waves in Bonaire.

“So I came up with a more artistic idea of taking some shots of him surfing the surface underwater but upside down.

Pic by Lorenzo Mittiga/Caters News

“Not knowing that then, in post-production, I would rotate the image 180 degrees.

“The idea appeared immediately cool to me and Svetlin, but the challenge was to make it!

Pic by Lorenzo Mittiga/Caters News

“It took more than a hundred shots and tries to create the image.

“Basically he had to dive head down and let his body float, in the correct surfing position, until reaching the board, that was floating upside down.

Pic by Lorenzo Mittiga/Caters News

“Without putting any pressure on the board with his feet, he had to hold that position for a few seconds to allow me to get the shot.

“That morning spent in the water was exhausting, considering that I was shooting without any scuba gears, but just holding my breath with a bulgy underwater camera in my hands.

Pic by Lorenzo Mittiga/Caters News

“Svetlin had to keep his eyes open all the time and in addition, because of the position he kept, he had water entering in the nose but those three hours paid back with a great image!”