Iceland’s secret lakes revealed

Iceland’s hidden lakes are revealed, crystal clear, for the first time in this stunning video.

Aurel Manea, 34, had only seen grainy footage and heard rumours of these mysterious lakes. So when his friend revealed to him that he had some rough directions, he decided he had to go and find them.

Pic by Aurel Manea / Caters News

Aurel said: “The video was really really bad quality and taken from high above so it seemed like the perfect place to actually go and discover.

To get there wasn’t easy, it took Aurel a long drive arduous walk, with no certainty of him seeing anything.

“After I got about 100meters (said the GPS) to the place there was no indication of them. Only a very dangerous river that I did not manage to cross.

Pic by Aurel Manea / Caters News

“From there the only thing I could do was launch the drone, from 10-20meters in the air the lakes looked very normal but once I got to 40-50m the patterns of colours started showing up.”

Of course, Aurel was still stuck on the ground and had no way of seeing the lakes with his own eyes.

“I was a bit envious of the view because I could only get a second-hand look through the phone screen but still it was amazing.

While Aurel didn’t reveal the exact location of the lakes, he did mention that they were in South –Central Iceland.

Pic by Aurel Manea / Caters News

These colourful lakes truly are stunning and while you may be tempted to track them down, Aurel did leave us this warning,

“By those who seek they can be found and when they do it would be nice not to spread the word around too much. Mass tourism transforms places in a way that it ceases to be actual nature but a vague representation of it.”