Icebergs – Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before! Algae In Water Creates Stunning Turquoise ‘jadebergs’

These are icebergs, but as you’ve never seen them before – as algae in the water has turned them completely TURQUOISE.

The stunning ‘jadebergs’ are formed when seawater containing algae freezes on the bottom of a glacier.

PIC FROM Nicholas Cullen/Caters News

Photographer of five years Nicholas Cullen, 30, was lucky enough to capture the rare phenomenon during a trip across the Southern Ocean of East Antarctica earlier this year.\

The electrician, from Melbourne, Australia, said: “Icebergs are incredible to see, but everyone hopes to see a jadeberg when cruising around Antarctica.

“I had seen a few already, but this particular one was a giant and had an incredible shape and sharp contours.

PIC FROM Nicholas Cullen/Caters News

“It was cold and windy as per usual, which meant my hands cooled down quite quickly while holding onto my camera as the ship did a loop around the jadeberg.

“It was also quite funny to watch a tiny Adelie penguin climb up the side of the jadeberg with a few slip and slides.

PIC FROM Nicholas Cullen/Caters News

“What inspired me to start photography, was I really wanted to capture the memories of the incredible nature this world has to offer for myself and to be able to share the adventures with my family and friends.”