Stunning ice rainbow created by throwing boiling water in there air at minus temperatures

PIC BY Cody Roy Photography/ Caters News 

This stunning ice rainbow was created by throwing BOILING WATER in the air in freezing conditions.

As the steaming water hits the minus 35 degree atmosphere it forms a beautiful arch of ice, lit up by the orange glow of the setting sun.

The incredible pictures were captured by amateur photographer Cody Roy, 30, in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

PIC BY Cody Roy Photography/ Caters News 

Cody, a heavy duty mechanic from British Columbia, said: “My friend that I was travelling with used to work in a northern oil camp, and they used to throw cups of boiling water out into the air as a trick – the water would freeze instantly making a really cool cloud of ice.

“He suggested it and that was the start of the inspiration for the image.

“The original attempts started with a cup of water but it was not giving us the desired effect, so we ended up using a bottle.

“The temperature outside was brutally cold so any exposed skin had extreme risk of frostbite, and on top of that I was pouring boiling water from a thermos into a necked down bottle to give us the long stream of water to get the desired effect – so getting burnt and freezing at the same time is an interesting sensation!

PIC BY Cody Roy Photography/ Caters News 

“We were working out on a frozen lake, so just having a vehicle and yourself on top of a few feet of frozen ice and a lake was an unnerving sensation – the whole time you could hear the ice snapping and cracking as it shifted.

“The final shot was taken on the third attempt of the second day of trying this – we were out of hot water so it was the last go, and on top of that the sun was setting rapidly, so we had to make it happen.

PIC BY Cody Roy Photography/ Caters News 

“The key to this photo is having cold enough temperature to get the water to be freezing instantly, and making sure the water is near boiling temperature.

“The time the photograph was taken really adds great mood with the sun low in the sky.”