Ice, ice… Maybe? – Photographer snaps macro images of enchanting frost crystals that look like abstract works of art

This photographer’s works present frost crystals in a whole new light, using macro photography techniques to product images that look like enchanting abstract artworks.

Elizabeth Root Blackmer’s beautiful shots bring out the finite details that can be found in the crystals that form on the windows of her farmhouse.

Elizabeth Root Blackmer / Caters

Focusing on spaces just an inch wide, Elizabeth, 70, uses a macro lens and an extension tube to magnify the images that feature in her series, ‘Fleeting Visions’.

In order to capture such shots, the conditions also have to be just right: too cold and the frost freezes too quickly, creating a coat that does not feature any patterns.

Elizabeth Root Blackmer / Caters

Elizabeth, who lives in Maine, USA, said: “I like exploring the fantastic patterns that appear, and the luminosity of the crystals as they pick up colours from the background.

“Working at the edge of vision, just a bit more detailed than what one can see with the naked eye, has a fascination for me.”

Having shot such works since 2011, Elizabeth has amassed a collection of several hundred frost images that she classes as “excellent,” as well as about one thousand images of frost in total.

Elizabeth Root Blackmer / Caters

She plans to continue adding to the series every winter, with most of her shots taken at dawn, when the sun is peering through.

This timing means Elizabeth’s works feature comforting hues of deep yellows and blues.

The photographer said:”There is beauty in nature all around us, if we take the time to look.

Elizabeth Root Blackmer / Caters

“I want to show people the ever-changing patterns in nature, the beauty in the ephemeral and in the everyday.”