I walk the line: Fearless slack liners balance on high wire more than 650 feet above ground

These breath-taking images show fearless daredevils edging across a highline in the skies of the mountainous Washington Cascades.

Precariously balanced in death-defying positions, slackliners Carl Marrs, 23, and Ben Plotkin-Swing, 28, have little more than a safety rope to keep them from falling to their demise. 

Slacklining in Ulaanbaata

Balancing perilously on a thin piece of rope, slack liner, Carl Marrs, makes his way across the huge chasm

Pictured 650 feet above ground, the breathtaking images were taken by daring photographer Krystle Wright, 27. 

Slacklining in Ulaanbaata

The breath taking images give a snap shot of the stunning surrounding landscape

Using only natural terrain – namely rocks – to anchor the 181 foot rope, the thrill seekers are pictured nervously edging their way across the perilous chasm, at the Washington Cascades, in Washington, USA.


Slacklining in Ulaanbaata

Captured 650 feet above the ground, Carl Marrs makes his way across the Washington Cascades, in Washington, USA

Krystle has photographed slackliners all over the USA including High Sierra, California, The Palisades, New Jersey and Moab, Utah.

Slacklining in Ulaanbaata

Incredibly, the anchors to keep the line in place was completely natural and used no bolts to hold it in place

She said: “The line is called ‘You Sews, You News’ and it was rigged between North Early Winters Spire and South Early Winters Spire in the Washington Cascades.

“The anchors were all natural, which adds an element of risk considering the line is 650 feet above the ground.

“In other words, no bolts were placed in the rock and the anchors were constructed using natural terrain such as rocks and slinging the rope around them.

“Ben and Carl have been exploring the Cascades and developing new lines for a while now, it’s an amazing spot.”

Slacklining, which requires the ‘slacker’ to balance on a taut rope rigged between two points, is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

The sport is regarded as different to tightrope walking in that the rope is looser and has much more elasticity.