‘I still have difficulty believing this exists’: Drone footage over Iceland captures country’s natural beauty in its rawest form

Cinematic drone footage highlights over a dozen of Iceland’s natural beauties in their rawest forms.

From flying over the black sand beaches of Raynisfjara to the gallons of water that cascade from the ‘Waterfall of the Gods’.

PIC BY Ran Rosenzweig / CATERS NEWS

Ran Rosenzweig, visited multiple locations around Iceland between the sepia-toned months from September 22 to October 13, 2017.

This stunning 4K drone footage captures the breathtaking scenes from ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’, soaring over geothermal spa locations and endless lava fields.

PIC BY Ran Rosenzweig / CATERS NEW

The Israeli born 40-year-old was left speechless and in awe of the destinations he found himself exploring, with him ‘still having difficulty in believing they exist’.

Ran said: “This is one of the best destinations I’ve ever visited.

PIC BY Ran Rosenzweig / CATERS NEWS

“Fabulous glaciers fall down from the sky and turn into frozen lagoons.”

Snippets of rugged cliff edges, spotless bases of snow-capped mountains and Europe’s largest marble-looking glacier, Vatnajökull, all make appearances during this video.

PIC BY Ran Rosenzweig / CATERS NEWS

Resting the cogent argument that this Northern European country has one of the most aesthetically diverse landscapes nature has to offer.

Although difficult to decide, Rauðisandur Beach was the software company managers, favourite location due to its remote situation and golden pink sands.

PIC BY Ran Rosenzweig / CATERS NEWS