Horrifying photos show the enormity of twister ripping through Crimea

A photographer has released snaps of the horrifying moment that a twister ripped through Crimea.

Andrei Sheliakin was travelling around the peninsula whilst a twister was tearing apart his neighbourhood.

The photographs show the sheer height and width of the twister, and the devastation that they can cause an area.

Andrei said: “I have seen twisters in my life but not that close up. I think I was shooting it from the distance of 800 meters or even less.

PIC BY Andrei Sheliakin / CATERS NEWS


“It was quite scary and unusual – it was absolutely quiet and all you could hear was the sound of rainfall.

PIC BY Andrei Sheliakin / CATERS NEWS

“Then the twister reached the big pier and I heard the sound of cracking trees, though there were no trees, only boats.

“My wife was staying near me and pleaded me to stop shooting and run and hide in the cellar.

“My hands were shaking, but I was shooting until the end of the twister.

PIC BY Andrei Sheliakin / CATERS NEWS

“All of the citizens who saw the twister or saw any of the shots were amazed and shocked – some can’t believe it happened in out quiet city.”