Hippy-Dome! Family living in a bubble put 25ft greenhouse on handmade home!

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Eco-warriors in the ARCTIC circle have ingeniously had a glass dome built around their house and it is not just to gaze at the Northern Lights.

This is a family home as you have never seen one before on the remote Norwegian island of Sandhornøya and the dome does a whole lot more than look pretty.

Looking at these stunning photos it is hard to argue with the Hjertefølger family who say the house they designed and built, is the best in the world.

Mother of four, workshop leader and part-time nurse, Ingrid said: “We designed the house ourselves and built everything except for the dome which was designed and built by Solardome.

Pic from Caters News

“We were inspired by the Swedish architect Bengt Warne, who created the idea and the concept of the nature house, a house inside a greenhouse.

“We visited a nature house in Sweden and fell in love, so we decided to build our own version of it- no one else has put a dome around a cob house before.

Ingrid, 34 lives with husband, Benjamin, 32 who works in the fish industry, and their children, Julia,12, Gabriel, ten, Aron, seven and one-year-old, Alvin.

The children are in love with their parent’s radical handiwork and Gabriel in particular is enjoying the natural lifestyle.

Pic from Caters News

Ingrid said: “Julia and Gabriel absolutely love our home. Gabriel says so all the time and that we are so very lucky and have the best house in the world.

You will probably never complain about cleaning the conservatory again-looking at the skill required at this island house where window cleaners are more than hard to come by.

The benefits of living inside a  25 ft greenhouse include retaining warmth, protection from the elements and of course the ability to grow vegetables which wouldn’t survive outside.

Building the home themselves over a time period of one and a half years meant that unlike most new homes, theirs was already packed with memories.

“The house is calm, quiet, feels safe and grounded. The air quality is wonderful, the temperature is stable and out our food is literally on our doorstep.

“It is a very personal house to live in, there are memories in every curve in the walls.

“We started building in 2012 and moved in one and a half years later, in December 2013.

“I can remember who built that wall, that corner, what my friend said as she sculpted that wall- from the smile on her face to the smell in the room.

“I can remember what I was feeling as I watched my husband build that part of the ceiling and what I was thinking about while I built that part over the front door.

Pic from Caters News

“It was hard and intense work but we really enjoyed the process, we had lot of fun, got a bunch of new friends from around world and of course gained a lot of muscle!

The cob house, made out of sand, clay and straw is as earthy as it gets but unsurprisingly when a house is surrounded by a giant glass shell, it is that which grabs more of the attention.

In the freezing winters the dome protects the family’s home from heavy snowfall and the all-year-round gusts of wind from the sea.

The Hjertefølger’s haven-like, cob house has five bedrooms over three storeys and even boasts a roof terrace with a hammock.

The irrigated garden enclosed within the geodesic dome waters their plants with used water from the house to create a cycle once they bring them in to eat.

Feedback on the house has been generally positive for Ingrid however your neighbours, not to mention the council might have a thing or two to say if you fancy your own dome fitted.

Ingrid said: “The locals were interested in the building process and came by to look at its progress quite often.

Pic from Caters News

“I receive emails from strangers every week, about how much people love the house.

“Most people seem to like it however there will always be a who few don’t.

Not content with the one dome, Ingrid and Benjamin have set their sights on erecting another in just a few months for commercial use.

Ingrid said: “We run our own business with retreats and workshops, we are building another dome this summer for more space for our yoga retreats.”