Hippos save wildebeest from crocodile attack

By Ellie Duncombe

This amazing video shows the moment a wildebeest was saved from the jaws of a killer crocodile by two courageous hippos. 

The crocodile can be seen grabbing the leg of the wildebeest, dragging him down into the water to certain death, but not before the pair of hippos come to t

Photograoed by Latest Sightings/Caters News

Caught on camera by Mervyn Van Wyk, 72, who was visiting Kruger National Park, South Africa, with his wife, Tokkie, when the action took place.

He said: “As we approached the dam we noted that blue wildebeest, zebras and impalas were happily grazing on the opposite side.

“I turned the car into position so that my wife had a clear view as she wanted to take a few pictures.

“We happened to notice that one unlucky wildebeest was grabbed by a crocodile on his right rear hoof.

“This became a game of tug of war that lasted for around eight minutes.

“The wildebeest would try dragging itself out of the water whilst the crocodile would pull it back in.

“You could see the exhaustion that the poor wildebeest was experiencing.”

What the couple thought were more crocodiles approaching, actually turned out to be two hippos who sprang on the crocodile, forcing him to loosen his grip.

Mervyn said: “This amazingly allowed the wildebeest a chance to escape even though he had a broken hoof.

“We could not believe the rarity of this situation.

“I have never seen a hippo coming to the aid of another animal, it was simply astonishing.”