Heavens above! Daredevil have their heads in the clouds with slackline 4,000ft up in the air

These daredevils reached dizzy heights as they slacklined 4,000ft up in the air – with their heads, quite literally, in the clouds.

The thrill seekers showed no fear as they took on the tiny tightrope against a beautiful sunset in Tamadaba Natural Park, Gran Canaria.

Pic by Wojciech Dopierala/Caters News

The vertigo-inducing shots were taken by photographer, Wojciech Dopierala, and show David Ruiz Ruano and Kevin Vega from SlacklineCanarias in action.

The duo fearlessly crossed the wire, which was almost 1,200 metres above sea level and 200 metres long, and found themselves within a sea of clouds as they carefully made their way from one side to the other.

Snapper Wojciech Dopierala said: “With cliff edges running straight the way down to the sea, it’s the perfect viewpoint to the neighbouring island of Tenerife and the volcano, Mount Teide.

Pic by Wojciech Dopierala/Caters News

“Thanks to the height we were above the clouds which created this breathtaking sea of clouds making the images even more spectacular.

“Rigging the line in this particular spot and walking it during the sunset was something we had always dreamed about.

“We always use the safety harness to protect us from falling, but even with that it’s not easy to overcome your fears, relax and walk across a slack line placed that high above the ground.

Pic by Wojciech Dopierala/Caters News

“It was pure magic with the colours of the sky changing during the sunset and the magnificent Mount Teide popping up above the sea of clouds.

“Both things together created a scene like that from a painting.

“Such a long line was heavy and difficult to rig, especially when the clock was ticking and the sun was moving closer and closer to meet the horizon.

“Our lives were literary in our hands, the rig had to be done perfectly so we were sure that nothing bad happened.

Pic by Wojciech Dopierala/Caters News

“Even in my dreams I couldn’t imagine such beautiful scenes. I kind of expected a beautiful sunset, because this place is well known for it but that particular evening thanks to the very good weather, there was clean blue sky above us and low clouds below us.

“I’m so glad that we could make it and capture these beautiful images to share the moment with others.”