Heart-stopping pictures of highliners appearing to walk in thin air will make your stomach churn

Heart-stopping photographs of a highliner appearing to walk on thin air will make your stomach churn.


Pierre Chauffour captured the nail-biting pictures of Nathan Paulin and Danny Menšík as they bravely tiptoed across a 1km highline 650m in the air in Aiglun, the French Alps.

Record-breaking Nathan, from Le Reposoir, and Danny, from Czech Republic, picked the distance in a bid to break the previous 495m-long walk record.

Highline in the air

Danny, who completed the walk at La Paroi Dérobée, said: “One kilometre is a perfect number – something everyone thought it would only be possible to cross in few years.

“Instead of breaking a number of world records every year, we wanted to try the kilometre and see if we could do it.”

Highline in the air

Nathan was first to complete highline which took an one hour and ten minutes due to high winds.

Danny completed it the following day in just 40 minutes.


He said: “After completing 1km, the next record for me will be 10km as it’s the next ‘important’ and interesting number.

“I’m definitely more motivated now to go into the mountains and mix climbing and highlining.”