Heart-stopping drone footage shows brave slack liner battle the elements above crashing waves

This heart-stopping drone footage offers unique perspective of the lengths one slackliner was willing to go to in order to catch his next thrill – suspending himself above a series of MONSTER WAVES.

As he battles Mother Nature, daredevil Emerson Machado can be seen swaying back and forth in the middle of the line as he’s smashes by the wind and spray from the giant waves below.

Swung from side to side like a rag doll, the footage leaves viewers wondering whether or not Emerson, 28, will survive, let alone make it from one side of the line to another.

The video was shot on December 30, 2017, in Naraaz, Portugal, by a drone team known as Maquina Voadora.

The Brazilian daredevil’s line was suspended in the most dangerous area of Praia do Norte (North Beach) – an installation between the cliff and Guilhim Rock, which is an impact zone for the huge waves of Nazare.

Maquina Voadora members – Daniel Neves and Pedro Miranda, both 41 – admitted they filmed Emerson’s exploits by pure chance, as they were originally in the area to capture a big wave surfing session with their drone.

As they were flying their drone back to land, the pair came across Emerson attempting the slackline, so they left their drone to soar above the stun.

The timing was perfect, as a big set was just about to hit.

In the footage, Emerson, of a group called the Western Riders, was beaten by the impactful waves, relying on his safety rope as he hung beneath the slackline.

Pedro said: “We were completely amazed with the footage, especially because we were there shooting big wave surfing and this was something that we were really not expecting to capture.

“The visual impact of that footage is tremendous, and something that we’ve never watched before.

“We believe this is high risk and you can easily die attempting to do that; it should only be performed by experienced slackliners like Emerson Machado and his teammates from Western Riders.

“Later, we get to personally meet with Emerson and talked a lot about this stunt.

“We learned that everything was carefully planned, and those guys are not just some adrenaline junkies.”