Head in the clouds: Photographer shoots otherworldly images of giant buildings poking through the mist

This photographer really has got his head in the clouds – as he scales some of the Middle East’s tallest buildings to photograph iconic landmarks high above the rising mist.

Khalid Alhammadi’s breathtaking shots over Abu Dhabi look almost otherworldly, with the likes of skyscraper tips and mosque towers poking through the eerie fog.

PIC BY Khalid Alhammadi / Caters

While Dubai’s buildings receive a large amount of exposure when they are photographed within the mist, Abu Dhabi’s wonders are not as well photographed, Khalid, 26, said.

Included in his ever-growing set are shots of landmarks such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Etihad Towers.

In order to capture these wonders in such a way, Khalid must first gain permission to scale some of the city’s tallest buildings – a difficult process that can take months, he said.

To date, Khalid estimates that he has possibly climbed such buildings more than 100 times.

PIC BY Khalid Alhammadi / Caters

Most of the planning for the ongoing series takes place in the summer, Khalid said, when there is no fog.

The photographer then heads out in the winter time, when there is more mist in the air.

Khalid said: “What motivates me to undertake this kind of photography is the the feeling and emotions that the scenes provide.

PIC BY Khalid Alhammadi / Caters

“The moment where I can see the nature embraces the city is just mesmerizing and inspirational.

“I like to explore new things – the fog always appears in a diiferent form, from colorful from the city lights at nights to the golden clouds during the sunrise.

“Some days, the fog turns away from my locations and some days appears as a haze – Mother Nature testing our patience and commitment.

“There’s not a single time to capture the perfect clouds.

PIC BY Khalid Alhammadi / Caters

“Sometimes it takes me three to four days in a row just to get the exact shape of fog.”