Haunting images show the ghost town of Fukushima after nuclear disaster

These haunting images show abandoned Fukushima seven years on from the nuclear disaster.

After an earthquake, the ensuing tsunami led to three nuclear meltdowns in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear Power Plant.

With the sudden evacuation of around 100,000 people, the region has been left in an eerie state of decay.

These pictures were taken by James Galbraith, 25, when he visited the area.

The London based entrepreneur said: “The photos were taken in Fukushima, Japan, in the areas evacuated in 2011 due to radiation.


“I like exploring places where not many people can visit, places that are off limits, difficult to access, and largely forgotten about.

“Many people are completely unaware that there are still many displaced people due to the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear meltdown.

“Walking through these buildings shows you a moment that went down in history.


“The interiors are largely untouched since the earthquake, with items strewn across the floor that were thrown off the shelves of stores.

“The atmosphere really reminds you how fragile life is and puts a new perspective on things.

“I have been taking photos for my whole life, when I was a very young child my father was an amateur photographer and I would see his photos, and he would let me use a camera.”