Green face of spooky witch spotted in Northern Lights

By Mikey Jones

This awe-inspiring photo shows a creepy witch-like face spotted in the Northern Lights.

Captured in the skies above the Yukon region of Canada, the image was taken by Dutch pilot Christiaan van Heijst, 35.

Christian said: “During the flights, I always have my camera within reach to capture the beauty of the world outside my windows.

Pic by Christiaan van Heijst/Caters News

Christian said: “Looking at those curvy lines of dancing light in the night sky, I am not surprised at all that in the old days, people thought the gods, demons or other supernatural beings were showing their presence in the celestial heavens above.

“Some find the northern lights look scary or eerie, but personally I’m just overwhelmed by the size and shapes of them as they make me realise how small we are as individual beings on this beautiful blue marble of a planet.”