Girls amazing transformation into Game of Thrones white walker

A makeup artist and huge Game of Thrones fan transformed herself into the Night King character from the show with an incredible tutorial.

Sarah Lamarlene, 35, from Toulenne, France, made her first YouTube video a few years ago and has been making regular tutorial videos for the last year.

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The transformation took six hours and Sarah had to make the horns from latex and air dry clay over a period of a few days.

She said: “Game of Thrones seems to be all the rage right now and White walkers are the kind of creepy but charismatic creatures that I love.

“This night king is just cold and intimidating and I thought maybe people would want to dress as him for Halloween.

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“I love the transformation process, it just fascinates me.

“I am amazed at how colors, lights and shadows can turn someone, anyone, into a totally different person.

“It is fun and challenging.”

Sarah became fascinated by makeup after watching her own mother get ready as a child.

Caters News

She said: “I used to sit on her bed during her morning makeup routine and I was fascinated with the colors and smells and textures of makeup.

“I think I’ve always wanted to be a makeup artist but never knew where to start, never studied, never believed that I could.

Caters News

“I have deep admiration for all the incredible makeup artists working behind the scene in the movie industry, they create the magic.”

Sarah hopes to become a full-time Youtuber in the future.