Giant hyperrealistic paintings of New York city look like they could be photographs

On first inspection, these intricate images may look like snaps of the Big Apple, but they are actually incredibly detailed hyperrealistic paintings.

Nathan Walsh’s works are enough to turn heads on closer inspection, as they feature the likes of Time Square, the Rockefeller Center, and Manhattan skyline in stunning clarity.

For around 15 years, the 46-year-old – who lives in York, England – has worked on the complex canvases.

Pic from Nathan Walsh / Caters

In order to put together the giant pieces, which have been reported to be valued at £80,000 ($125,000) in the past, the artist uses an incredible degree of planning and geometry skills.

Before beginning work on his paintings, Nathan sometimes works on more than 300 images and photographs of the location before committing to it.

The theme behind the works, Nathan said, is an interplay between culture and location.

Pic from Nathan Walsh / Caters

His works draw on inspiration from European and American art, such as Pointillism, Post Impressionism, and realism.

For larger works, the entire process for start to finish can take up to a year, Nathan said, while some of his smaller works, though still grand in size, can take around six months.