Geronimo! Base jumpers launch themselves from 1100m high cliff!

Pic by Jack Harding/Caters News 

A couple visiting Kjerag Mountain in Norway captured the stomach-churning moment base jumpers dived off the cliff edge towards the waters below.

Jack Harding and his girlfriend Emma were visiting the mountain in Rogaland to hike and kayak down the Lysebotn Fjord when they spotted the group of extreme sports enthusiasts about to make the death-defying leap.

The sport of base jumping involves parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff but due to the very low altitude of the jump, it makes the sport considerably more dangerous than sky diving.

Pic by Jack Harding/Caters News 

The 25 year old fraud advisor, who is a lifestyle and travel photographer in his spare time, said: “Me and my girlfriend had a helicopter ride to the top of the peaks as they were carrying the base jumpers up from the bottom of the fjord.”

Harding describes the moment he took the captivating pictures and said: “This image gives me the chills.”

“I was completely amazed by the fearless jumpers. They were shouting and getting hyped for the jump and they just threw themselves off the end and didn’t look back.”

Pic by Jack Harding/Caters News 

“I’m still just as amazed as I was when I was taking the photos. The whole experience just seems surreal.”

The pictures, which capture the beauty of the surrounding scenery, even shows a boat travelling down the Fjord which the jumpers eventually land in.

Pic by Jack Harding/Caters News

Jack appears to have the travel bug and even plans to go back to the Scandinavian country, “I’ll be heading back to Norway in the summer to Trolltunga & Preikestolen. Before that I’ll be doing a road trip in America and Canada then a road trip across Switzerland and Italy.”