Forget seahorses, this is a sea donkey: Diver stumbles across submerged donkey statue wearing a trilby

Forget seahorses, this diver stumbled across a submerged donkey statue wearing a trilby.

While experienced scuba diver Vitaly Bazarov swam in the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, Egypt, he came across the bizarre sculpture.

Vital Bazarov / Caters News

Approaching it closer, the veteran of more than 5000 dives sees the body has been colonised by a cavalcade of crustaceans and fish who have made the metal into a makeshift reef.

Drifting through the crystal-clear waters in November 2017, Vitaly even finds one fish happily hidden under the donkey’s tail.

Vitaly, from Dahab, said: “It is a funny thing to see.

“The hat was placed down there as a joke from other divers.

Vital Bazarov / Caters New

“The donkey has been on the seabed for around five years now.

“It was put there by a sculptor and designed to be an installation specifically for divers.

“The Red Sea is one of the best places for an underwater photographer, but to get the best shots it is important to dive alone.”