Flying surfer – Surfboard levitates above lake


Pic By David Carlier/Caters News 

This surfer is really flying.

Using a special surfboard Kai Lenny, a seven-time world champion surfer, appears to levitate aboce the water.

Hovering almost a foot above the wake of a boat, his skills attract the attention of tourists who thought they were only going to get a view of the local Swiss landscapes.

Pic By David Carlier/Caters News 

He also managed to gain even more air while windsurfing on lakes near the famous Matterhorn mountain.

The footage was shot by David, a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Switzerland.

The 43-year-old said: “Kai travelled from his native Hawaii to the Swiss Alps to experience the lakes and glaciers around the Matterhorn.

Pic By David Carlier/Caters News 

“He did some foil windsurfing on a dam lake at 2500m, which was a world first, along with kite surfing at sunset in front of the Matterhorn.

“On the last day in Switzerland he surfed the wake of one of the oldest traditional boats of Lake Geneva.

“It must have been great practice for him. Just a few days after leaving Switzerland, he won the Mexican stage of the Big Wave World Tour in Puerto Escondido.”