Flying star – Wingsuit jumper lit up at night 

This wingsuit jumper really lit up the sky with her flying – by attaching lights to the suit.

David Carlier / CATERS NEWS

In a daring night time jump, Geraldine Fasnacht appeared like a shooting star in the sky as she flew high above the Swiss Alps.

Setting off in a helicopter in the darkness of the early hours, Geraldine jumped from 18,000 feet and was filmed flying with the sun just coming up before deploying her parachute.

David Carlier / CATERS NEWS

The footage was turned into a short film, ‘Wingsuit Connected’.

It was directed by photographer and film maker David Carlier, 45, from Switzerland, over the summit of the Grand Combin mountain.

David Carlier / CATERS NEWS

David said: “Night was still covering Sion airport in Switzerland when Geraldine climbed aboard the helicopter and, at 18,000 feet, jumped into the darkness.

“When she was flying at 111mph I honestly thought she looked like a star or a giant butterfly.

“She could see the highest summits of the Alps and glaciers as she began the descent.

“It was a uniquely challenging flight, because of the light, altitude and speed. The temperature was -30°C

David Carlier / CATERS NEWS

“The idea came to me when I was doing another shoot.

“Once I had decided to do it, it just became a question of finding the right way to illuminate the wingsuit without damaging it or diminishing its flight performance, which we managed.”

Geraldine said: “Thanks to my experience as a freerider and a wingsuit pilot, I knew how to analyse the terrain in order to make the jump safely.”