Famous landmarks as you’ve never seen them before thanks to a touch of trickery!

Pic by Rich McCor/Caters News 

Simple paper cut outs have transformed some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Instagram star, Rich McCor, 30, from London has generated over 250,000 followers online by sharing his amazing artsy photos of famous landmarks.

From turning Tower Bridge into a roller-coaster and Le Louvre into a UFO hover zone, Rich has found fandom through his unique twist on photographing tourist attractions.

Rich said: “It began when I realised that after four years of living in London I wasn’t really appreciating the landmarks, the sights and all the things that people fly thousands of miles to see.

Pic by Rich McCor/Caters News 

“So I used photography as an excuse to go and explore my city a little more, and through doing so I joined Instagram.

“However I realised that all the photos I was taking were the same as everyone else’s, so that’s when I decided to add a twist to my images with paper cutouts.

Rich has taken his quirky eye for a photo all around the world on various trips over the last two years which has included trips to New York and Singapore.

These creative photos show just why Rich has a whopping 264,000 followers on Instagram as he even manages to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose using the most unlikely building.

Rich said: “It used to be that I’d wander around and wait for ideas and then cut them out on the spot but I’m a bit more strategic now.

Pic by Rich McCor/Caters News 

“I research destinations before I visit them and I hunt down the best vantage points through various photo websites and image libraries.

“That said, I still take my paper cutting equipment and black card with me in case I see something that sparks an idea.

“My first paper transformation was in June 2015, but I’ve been into paper cutting since my early twenties when I used to make stop motion music videos for my friend’s band.

“I’d love to go to Tokyo because it’s full of quirky architecture, bold skyscrapers and colourful scenery which makes it the perfect playground for what I do.

Pic by Rich McCor/Caters News 

“I’d suggest walking around it 360, just to see if there’s an interesting vantage point that might not be obvious.

“I remember walking behind the Statue of Liberty when the sun was in front of her and it creating a perfect silhouette which was an image of the statue I hadn’t seen that often.

“I think, as any photographer will tell you, patience is the key. Patience for the light to do something interesting, patience for tourists to get out of the way, patience for experimenting with your style.

“Most of all of course, have fun and experiment with your own style of photography.”