“Falalala fabulous!”: Santa’s North Pole home with elf village goes on the market

Santa’s North Pole residence complete with elf village is now on the market for a very jolly £530,000.


Set in 25 idyllic acres, Santa’s headquarters has everything you need for the perfect Christmas with an open fireplace for roasting chestnuts, a gourmet kitchen to bake tasty treats and a quiet study complete with Santa’s own writing desk and sewing table used to make teddy bears.

The main living quarters, constructed in the 1800s, consists of a living room, kitchen and dining room along with a master bedroom and two guest rooms to accommodate the whole family.


The elves get to live on-site, in their own private accommodation, with each cottage different to the next, including a tiny farmhouse, ideal for hosting parties, as well as a rustic minicab and petite bamboo bungalow.

The site has it all with Santa’s workshop, stables for all the reindeer as well as a garage for Santa’s sleigh, ahead of it trip on Christmas Eve to deliver presents.


Other features include a yoga studio for the more health conscience elves, a swanky sushi bar and a winter warming tea room.

The complex with headquarters and multiple cottages was renovated by interior designer Marian Bright and general contractor Doug Fir.

Marian said: “Santa is synonymous with the holiday season. He has inspired people around the world to change their home decor for at least one month out of the year. How could I say no to a challenge like that?


“I wanted to meld Santa’s iconic festive style with his wintery wonderland surroundings. That’s why you’ll find so much fresh greenery, knotty pine furniture and cozy linens all throughout. I call the look Falalala Fabulous.

Doug said: “This is a man who appreciates fine craftsmanship and woodworking.

“One look at his gorgeous log home and I knew I had to get my hands on it. This was my chance to impress the jolly old elf and get on the nice list for good.


“I didn’t want to compete with the rustic vibe of the cabin that Santa himself built. So I found ways to enhance that atmosphere with outdoor elements. I brought grandeur to the mantle with floor-to-ceiling river rock, since the fireplace is such a large part of Santa’s background.

More windows and skylights were incorporated into the new open concept design, making the home feel more spacious — especially for his many tiny guests.”