Explosive images capture daredevil photographer just feet from erupting volcano

These explosive images capture a daredevil photographer just feet away from an erupting volcano.

Powerful volcano lava vent

Tyler Gee stands at the foot of an erupting volcano

Intrepid explorers Eric Leifer and Tyler Gee daringly stand by in awe of the fiery but spectacular scene on Kilauea’s Eastern Flanks.

Powerful volcano lava vent

Eric Leifer puts his hands behind his head as he stares into a fiery volcano

Ash and 2000F lava spews from the volcano as the daring pair get a close-up view of Mother Nature at work.

Powerful volcano lava vent

Taken by, Eric Leifer, the photographer took full advantage of his job as a volcano tour guide to take a series of stunning images

The incredible snaps were shot by daring Eric, 28, who lives in Hilo, Hawaii, and works as a volcano tour operator.

Powerful volcano lava vent

The friends take a picture of themselves under the starry night sky

He said: “It’s pretty hard to relate what it’s like being up close to lava – it changes your life.

“It’s our world being created right before your feet.  It has a similar feeling to watching the ocean pound away at a rugged coastline or laying underneath the stars on a particularly clear night.

“Some of The best nights of my life have been spent staring into this volcano.”