Erupting lava lake acts as mesmerising back drop for photoshoot

An erupting lava lake has acting as a mesmerising back drop for a photoshoot.

Bobby-Jo, from Dubbo, Australia, was hiking up Nyriagongo Volcano, Virunga National Park, Congo, in April.

The images show the active lava lakes in a series of different lights during the photoshoot.

PIC BY Bobby-Jo Photography

Bobby-Jo said: “I hiked up to the top of a stratovolcano and slept the night on the rim.

“We watched the world’s largest active lava lake throughout the late afternoon and into the night.

“My favourite images are the ones of my ranger Jean Claude.

“He was of great assistance throughout the climb.

“We watched the lava lake together as he told me how so many people are dedicating their lives to protect Africa’s oldest national park.

PIC BY Bobby-Jo Photography

“I asked if I could take his portrait and he was more than happy to participate in a volcano photoshoot.

“I vividly remember the moment I made it to the top of the volcano and looked down at the lava lake.

“It was an incredible sight.

“It made you forget the six hour steep climb that you had just finished!

“The smell of sulphur was quite strong and the lava bubbling was quite amazing to hear.”

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PIC BY Bobby-Jo Photography