Dying out DVD collection? These psychedelic photos show your old DVDs can be art

These stunningly psychedelic images show how you can turn an old DVD collection into a gallery of artwork.

Pic by Jane Thomas/Caters News

Photographer Jane Thomas started snapping these colourful images after dripping a combination of olive oil and water resulting in a beautiful pattern.

Under the lens, the DVDs can be seen creating beautiful patterns of colour – each one differing from the last.

Jane took the photographs in her kitchen in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and has been doing so over the past few years.

Pic by Jane Thomas/Caters News

Jane, 63, said: “I add olive oils drops to water and poured some onto the DVD, directly onto the colourful spectrum.

“I then focus the lens and take the photographs – sometimes I even just use water without adding oil.

Pic by Jane Thomas/Caters News

“I usually take the photographs in light from a mini angle-poised lamp, and the drops often reflect the bulb in the lamp, which gives an interesting effect.

“It’s very simple – it’s not rocket science at all!

Pic by Jane Thomas/Caters News

“I love the fascinating colours and the fact that sometimes the images look like cells in a microscopic world and, in others, they resemble huge weird planets in a sci-fi universe.

“It’s exciting because you never know what you’re getting. Every oil and water combination is slightly different and the results are never the same.”