Dubai in the sky! Photographer captures beautiful aerial shots of Dubai from above

A photographer has captured stunning aerial shots of the deserts in Dubai from above.

Jordan Hammond, 24, was on a trip to the Dubai deserts when he decided to take some aerial shots of his destination.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

The over-head shots show camels being walked, balloons being flown and revellers roaming the deserted sands.

Jordan said: “The selection of desert photos were taken on my most recent trip through Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the beginning of the year.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

“Whilst having visited the UAE many times, it was the first trip where I spent the majority of the time in the desert, so a completely different experience from the usual.

“The desert is one of my favourite locations to shoot, as it’s constantly changing and you can create really dramatic shots if you use the patterns of the sand and focal points well.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

“The sand-covered road series is a personal favourite of mine, as I have wanted to go to that location for years.”