Dramatic British coastline captured as the birds see it

PIC FROM Caters News 

See the south coast as never before from 400ft in the air.

Marine biologist, photographer, and film-maker, Fergus Kennedy, 47, from Lewes, East Sussex has released a series of stunning aerial shots of the south coast.

PIC FROM Fergus Kennedy / Caters News 

Fergus has travelled the world with his camera but his bird’s eye views closer to home make up for some of his most breathtaking shots.

Fergus said: “It takes some practice to fly and take pictures simultaneously as you need to keep an eye on the drone as well as the screen, but stills are easier than video in this respect.

PIC FROM James Loveridge / Caters News

“For video I often use a separate camera operator who controls the camera.

“I crashed a large, expensive drone into the sea earlier this year when the battery failed mid flight. It was a gentle landing but a very wet one and both drone and camera were ruined.”

PIC FROM Fergus Kennedy / Caters News

Fergus has teamed up with other drone pilots including James Loveridge to publish a Photography & Video Masterclass with Ammonite Press.