Don’t look down! Stomach-churning selfie taken by daredevil photographer after climbing to the top of Christ the Redeemer Statue

Daredevil photographer Thiago Correa has reached the top of his career by snapping what has been described as the ultimate selfie from the top of Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

Christ the Redeemer Selfie

Thiago Correa takes a selfie on top of Christ the Redeemer

With a snap that’s not for the faint-hearted, Thiago, 27, from Brazil reached new dizzying heights by climbing to the head of the 124ft Brazilian landmark to capture a view of Rio that very few have seen before.

Christ the Redeemer Selfie

The daredevil photographer used a selfie stick and drone to capture himself on top of the monumental statue

As access to the religious monument is restricted, Thiago had to gain special permission from the authorities and believes that his efforts were rewarded after witnessing the stunning view over the Brazilian city.

Christ the Redeemer Selfie

Thiago had to gain special permission to take the impressive images

With his trusted gopro and UAV drone, Thiago has taken daring selfies from around the world but believes that this is the one which tops them all.

Christ the Redeemer Selfie

Despite taking selfies all at locations all around the world, Thiago believes this was the greatest one to date

He said: “I have been taking selfies in unusual locations since August 2012 when I first bought a GoPro camera, and get extreme pleasure in pushing both myself and my photography by getting extreme images that few can take.

“So far the response from the public to my work has been very positive with comments saying that I am an inspiration though some do call me crazy!

“Some people ask me what I do for a living because my life is sort of a dream but I just to live my life to the extreme.

“Standing atop the head of this famous and sacred monument was a feeling that is hard to put in to words but as I looked down it felt like I had the world at my feet.

“I love exploring and going to these places, so really, the thrill was climbing to the top of the statue – the selfie was just a bonus.”