Don’t look down! – Grand Canyon Skywalk cleaners experience breathtaking views like no other

This group of cleaners were given a view of the Grand Canyon like no other, as they dangled beneath its famous Skywalk, cleaning the underside of its glass floor.

The stomach-churning clean was captured by the likes of headcam and timelapse footage, which shows the 4,000-foot drop that faced the team below.

Pic by Abseilon / Caters News

The horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extends some 70 feet out from the rim of the Canyon, and throughout the day, eight individuals from Abseilon, a group of rope access technicians, worked their way around walkway.

Preparing for such a large clean takes around two weeks to plan, Ken Piposar, the CEO of Abseilon, said.

When the company first began cleaning the Skywalk a number of years ago, the entire clean would take around seven days.

Pic by Abseilon / Caters News

Now, however, having perfected the art, it takes Abseilon less that 24 hours to clean the underside of the thick glass, which is strong enough to hold seventy 747 passenger jets.

This year’s clean, on April 26, was a milestone, Ken said, as Alicia Nelson became the first woman to access the underside of the glass.

Pic by Abseilon / Caters News

Ken said: “During safety meetings a specific job hazard analysis is created and our safety committee reviews procedures and job descriptions for the team.

“Member of the public are usually shocked, entertained and amazed when they see the clean.

“We have perfected this to within one day. When we started, it took seven.”