Does this home float your boat? The new floating house which lets owners set up home in a new destination every day

THIS amazing floating home allows owners to sail away to a new destination thanks to it’s solar power and hydraulic legs.

The $2 million houseboats are able to withstand hurricanes and can be raised completely above sea level to protect from flooding.

Arkup / Caters News

Florida-based company Arkup designed the “liveable yachts” with luxury interiors and stilts that anchor and stabilise the homes during storms.

The layout of each 4,350 square foot home can be customised and completely powered by solar panels on the roof.

Systems that collect and purify rainwater also help to keep the design environmentally friendly.


Arkup / Caters News

Its design also means that living on board won’t leave owners feeling seasick and the sun deck can immersed to become a sea-pool.

The first floating home – which will be suitable for lakes, rivers, estuaries and harbours – is expected to be built next year.

A spokesman for Arkup said: “Being free to choose your spot is priceless. Our yacht is a one of a kind off-grid house with the freedom to move.

Arkup / Caters News

“Our liveable yachts concept is more than just another floating house design. We take Dutch floating house technology and we bring it to the next level by adding stability, mobility and larger living spaces.

“Our mobile overwater villas are fully solar electric and also equipped with rain water harvesting to be one hundred per cent autonomous and off the grid.

“They look like luxury villas, move like houseboats and can be lifted out of the water like no other floating house in the world.”