Dizzying headcam footage shows daredevil teen scaling skyscraper with no safety equipment

This dizzying headcam footage shows the moment a daredevil teen scaled a 700ft skyscraper with no safety equipment.

Hong Kong Head Cam

Thrillseeker, Andrej Ciesielski, leans precariously over the edge of a skyscraper

Thrill-seeking, Andrej Ciesielski, strapped a GoPro to his head before climbing the Manulife Plaza in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Head Cam

Captured with the use of a head cam, the teenager is seen roaming the city of Hong Kong from incredible heights

The 18-year-old, from Munich in Germany, went to extreme lengths to capture the stomach churning footage but confessed he was more scared of being caught by the police than falling from the 50-storey office building.

Hong Kong Head Cam

Despite the dangers, the German climber explains he worries more about getting caught than falling

He said: “The tricky thing about this building is that it’s a commercial office so it’s well secured. At the top there is a big spire that is absolutely amazing.

“I had to climb this one alone because my friend who was on the trip with me was afraid he would get caught and arrested.

“When I’m ‘roof-topping’ it’s not the height I’m thinking about, it’s the police. I’m not thinking about falling, I’m just thinking about getting caught.

Hong Kong Head Cam

Andrej uses no safety equipment whilst dicing with death and instead relies on a sturdy pair of shoes with good grip

“After this particular climb I was paranoid for the entire day that I’d been caught on the security cameras but fortunately I wasn’t.

“I didn’t use any safety equipment, just some good shoes with a good grip.

“My parents like the end result, they enjoy looking at my pictures but they aren’t very happy about what I do. They don’t like watching the videos because they’re scared I could fall one day.

“When I’m climbing though I just feel so free. It makes me really happy. I know some people will struggle to understand that but for me it’s freedom and I do it because I love it.”