Diverse group of 48 skydivers spell ‘peace’ in the sky using their bodies in hope to spread positivity to those dwelling in the depths below

This diverse band of 48 skydivers used the sky as a canvas to spread a message of positivity, urging ‘Peace’ to be found in the world below. 

When thinking of the typical skydiver, skydiving hall of famer Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, 56, believes there’s some common misconceptions about those who participate in the extreme-sport – insisting they’re not all “young adrenaline junkies” who “get off” at the thought of risking their lives.


With members of his own skydiving squad, P3, ranging from 18 and 80 in age, and coming from all different walks of “life, ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences and professions,” according to Dan, the skydiver wanted to use his eclectic thrillseeking troops to attempt to inspire others to exist harmoniously, despite any initial differences.

Citing “recent political turmoil” as a key influence behind his vision, 48 skydivers from 14 different countries leapt from 16,500 foot under Dan’s command on June 24, over Perris, California, to spell out the word ‘PEACE’ in the sky.

Using only their bodies to make up the word, incredibly the near half-century of participants managed to keep the letters perfectly aligned as they plummeted to the ground below at a ferocious speed, taking just two attempts after an hour of choreography. 


Hoping his message resonates further than just his skydiving circles, veteran jumper Dan, former captain of the US Skydiving team and author of the book ‘Above All Else’, said: “It’s always a good time to be reminded of and striving for peace.

“I’ve always wanted to do this jump, and with the political discourse we are experiencing in the US at the moment, it seemed there was no time 

better than right now. 

“Skydivers are the perfect group to carry this message. 

“Most people think that all skydivers are cut from the same mold – that couldn’t be further from the truth. 


“Skydivers are the most diverse group of people you could ever meet – we just share share the same passion for life, human flight and the freedom it take to enjoy those that goes beyond all other issues. 

“We can all disagree on certain things, but still get along great – I knew the one word we could all agree on was ‘PEACE.’ 

“We hope that in some way it can remind people in power to focus on their shared goals and discuss how to accomplish them in a civilized manner – us skydivers do it all the time.”