Deep-sea diver becomes immersed in ‘wall’ of mesmerising fish

A diver has captured the mesmerising moment he was immersed into a school of thousands of fish.

Ziad Al-Turki, who has been diving for the past 22 years was exploring the sea at Kuda Huraa, Maldives, when he came across this rare sight.

After snorkelling in the water for mere minutes, Ziad was mesmerised by the Lunar Fusiliers who were surrounding him at every angle.

Ziad, 52, said: “Once I put my head in the water I forgot about everything – they literally had to pull me out of the water to leave.

“I feel completely free underwater as my mind is clear and focused only on the dive the underwater world.

Caters News

“Normally house reefs are nothing special, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

“It was absolutely mesmerising watching them as they were endless like a wall of fish.

“Watching schooling fish is very relaxing as they’re so graceful and calm.”