Dark Knights watch! Lego batman comes to London!

Pic by Andrew Whyte/ Caters News 

This little Batman is no JOKER – he is here to save the capital.

The miniature superhero has been photographed keeping watch and fighting crime around the London.

But he also took the time out from traversing the concrete jungle to enjoy his celebrity with a red carpet shoot.

Legographer’ Andrew Whyte set out with the Dark Knight to take a series of photos from the character’s perspective.

Pic by Andrew Whyte/ Caters News 

He pictured Gotham’s saviour hailing cabs, grappling up steps, and confronting giant pigeons with his sidekick Robin.

Andrew, 41, was also joined by the voice of LEGO Batman in the upcoming movie Will Arnett, who also had a go at capturing his character’s adventures.

Whyte said: “Photographing LEGO has been a passion for five years and has enabled me to see the world from a very different perspective.

Pic by Andrew Whyte/ Caters News 

“Working with LEGO Batman has been a fascinating creative challenge. His role as a protector and watcher over the city lends itself perfectly to this nature of photography, as the mini figure interacts with the city of London and all its quirks.

“My shoot is a mixture of brooding intensity as Batman watches over London like he would Gotham, with humour as he struggles with the pitfalls of life in the Big Smoke, from pigeons to public transport.

“I was honoured to be able to offer some advice to The LEGO Batman Movie star Will Arnett, teaching him a few tricks of the trade using his smart phone to photograph the character he so brilliantly voices.

Pic by Andrew Whyte/ Caters News 

“I was also thrilled that he lent his Batman voice to some of the images and video I took, which really take them to a new level!”

The LEGO Batman Movie is released on February 10 and previews this weekend.

Pic by Andrew Whyte/ Caters News