Daring feet of exploration – sitting on the edge of the world

By Jamie Smith 

These are some daring FEET of exploration – as people dangle their legs over extremely tall buildings.

With the world spread out below them, these stomach churning images show the views urban explorers get from over 1,000 feet in the air.

Pic by Dmitriy Chernysh/Caters News

From Bangkok to London to New York, these climbers take on the structures and the elements to get the best views of any city.

Dmitriy Chernysh recently conquered Millenium Tower and Marina 101 in Dubai with his girlfriend Polina. The towers have a combined height of 2,300 feet.

Explaining the art of urban exploring, Dmitriy, 22, from Russia, said: “I’ve have been doing urban exploration for about two years now. It started with my love of photography.

Pic by /Caters News

“It has got me to all those unique places around the world.

“I love seeing cities from unusual angles that most people don’t get to see. It gives you much more intense emotions about so many places.

“Of course my friends and family worry about me but I am always in control and I never do anything too risky.

Pic by Dmitriy Chernysh/Caters News

“Trying to get to difficult roofs the feeling of adrenaline is amazing and solving the problems is great fun.

“When you get to the top you can relax and enjoy the view.

“Once or twice you get caught by guards, but I never break any locks or doors so it isn’t much of a problem.”