Dare devil rooftopper hangs off iconic New York sky scraper!

These images capture the jaw-dropping moments where daredevil rooftoppers hang from the edge of New York’s most iconic skyscrapers.

The fearless feats were captured on camera as the daring man, known only as ‘@livejn’, dangles hundreds of feet above the earth.

Pic by @SVVVK/Caters News

Captured by his companion ‘@svvvk’, who believes that these images show Manhattan from a different perspective and says that it’s even given him a more positive outlook.

‘Svvvk’ said: “These images were taken some time ago on the rooftops of some of New York City’s most iconic skyscrapers.

“LiveJN and I both lived near the city and the unique tall skyscrapers of the city captured our attention.

“LiveJN represents living life to your fullest and not being contained by rules or limitations. He has incredible balance and always a positive attitude. Some of these images may look as if he may fall, but he is absolutely in control of his body.

Pic by @SVVVK/Caters News

“Most of these locations were hard to obtain access and we will never be able to visit again.

“It makes capturing these images incredibly risky, but seeing the sunset from an insane view of the city that many will never have the chance to see is what makes it worth it.

Pic by @SVVVK/Caters News

“For me, exploring these incredible skyscrapers up close in person and at extreme heights is what makes New York City such a unique experience.

Pic by @SVVVK/Caters News

“Capturing the city with LiveJN showed me and others that you don’t have to live by the system. He taught me to have a more positive outlook and not to take life so seriously.

Pic by @SVVVK/Caters News

“I started exploring rooftops to find innovative perspectives for photography and see the city like never before.”