Dam, that’s amazing! Man breaks world record with 735ft long highline

A FEARLESS slack liner has smashed the world record for the longest high line ever crossed – by inching his way 735ft above a picturesque dam.

Julian Mittermaier, 21, spent 40 minutes working his way across the two and a half centimeter wide line, which had been strung across the Mauvoisin Dam in Wallis, Switzerland.

The location stands an incredible 656ft above the ground. And incredibly Julian crossed at his first attempt, without putting a foot wrong.

world record highliner

Julian Mittermaier during his record breaking highline across the Mauvoisin Dam in Wallis, Switzerland

Julian broke the previous record held by Jerry Miszewsky by 10m.

Julian, from Germany, said: “It is definitely not normal to to break the record on your first attempt.

world record highliner

Julian Mittermaier, 21, from Germany is the new record holder for the longest highline

“Jerry Miszewsky took 80 attempts to make just two steps during his 214m record attempt.

“I just wanted to see how far I could get on my first attempt – but I didn’t think I had any chance of walking the whole distance.”

Julian used 2,300ft of slack line to cross the giant dam, before making his crossing – which was a nerve-shredding experience.

He added: “I had a funny feeling. The dam was unbelievably cool – motivating and intimidating at the same time.

world record highliner

Julian spent 40 minutes crossing the 735ft highline

“I had no expectations when I started walking.

“The closer I got to the middle the more I felt the tension, but I knew that the trickiest point was  waiting at the 30m mark.

“We slack liners call it the transition. You have to change your walking style all the time. At the same time I was getting more and more excited because I was so close to breaking the record.

world record highliner

The 21-year-old beat previous record holder Jerry Miszewsky’s record by 10m

“The team was great in helping me there.”

Speaking of the moment he completed the challenging high line, Julian said: “The moment I had solid ground beneath my feet the party started.”