Copy Kate: Girl Dresses Exactly Like Kate Middleton

She’s such a copyKate – a stunning brunette has managed to replicate the Duchess of Cambridge’s most stylish outfits – by forking out just £2,000 on bargain high street replicas.

Amanda Bell, 21, from Los Angeles, USA, has spent four years perfecting Kate’s most classic looks – while managing to avoid the hefty price tags favoured by the royal.

Amanda, who is also a dead ringer for the Duchess, even loves to complete her look with a Kate inspired blow dry.

Whilst some of Kate’s outfits can cost thousands, Amanda admitted she loves searching the high street for copies and is often placed on waiting lists in order to get her hands on the Duchess’ most loved pieces.

Amanda, a customer support worker, said: “I love re-creating Kate’s look, my style has always been very similar to hers so it just seemed natural to me.

“Over the past four years I have spent around $300 (USD) on copying Kate’s outfits.

“I love buying the exact match, the most I have spent on a dress is 380 dollars, but I also love finding copies too.

“Sometimes I’ll go to the hairdressers and ask for a Kate inspired blow dry and I really do feel like her.

“I follow every event she goes too, and in particular I keep an eye out for what she is wearing.

“Kate has become such a style icon that women go crazy for her outfits and they often sell out straight away.

“I am currently on the waiting list for the LK Bennett Addison silk dress that she wore when President Obama visited Kensington Palace – I just love everything she wears!”

Amanda started copying the Duchess’ style in 2012 after seeing a replica of Kate’s engagement dress in a local shop.

Instantly, Amanda knew she had to have it and her love for Kate’s fashion has spiralled from there.

She added: “My style has always been very similar to Kate’s so it just seemed so natural for me.

“Ever since I started copying Kate’s fashion I have become so much more knowledgeable about brands.

“Her style has taught me what colours go together and what accessories match with each outfit.

“My boyfriend, Mathew, 21, is really support and so are my parents, Donya, 55, and Randy, 65.

“They love how I dress and think my outfits look great – they are also big fans of the royal family.

“My favourite outfit has to be the customised dress from Anita Dongre that she wore on her recent visit to India.

“I was so happy I was able to get it because the royal tour is very historical and it’s amazing that I was able to get a piece of that.

“I paid 380 dollars for it which is the most I have ever spent on a dress.

“I also love the grey and white Hobbs dress which Kate wore twice, the first time in Nottingham and the second time during the royal tour in Australia.”

And Amanda isn’t the only one devoted to dressing like her idol.

The Duchess has become a style icon and with so many women trying to get their hands on Kate’s outfits they often sell out immediately.

Amanda said: “People will buy and re-sell her outfits for triple the original amount, she’s just such a style icon across the globe.

“I recently fell in love with the LK Bennett Addison silk dress that she wore when President Obama visited Kensington Palace.

“But it was out of stock so I put my name on the waiting list, and as soon as it was available again it was gone in a moment!

“I also called the company directly as well as the local Los Angeles store, and I still wasn’t able to get it.

“They told me it will be re-stocked in July so fingers crossed I will be able to get my hands on it then.

“The same thing happened with the Petit-Bateau striped top she wore for her recent Vogue shoot, I was on the waiting list but as soon as it became available it sold out instantly!

“I get a lot of comments on social media, a lot of people don’t even realise I’m wearing the exact same outfit that Kate has previously worn, but when they do realise they love it.

“Kate is someone I really look up too so following her style and re-creating her looks makes me feel really special.”