Columns of bubbles discovered frozen in stunning series of lakes

These lakes may look like they are full of winter jewels – but they are actually filled with thousands of FROZEN BUBBLES.

Methane gas bubble lake

A skater makes their way across a frozen lake filled with thousands of methane bubbles

Snapped across Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, the natural wonders are made of highly flammable gas methane.

Methane gas bubble lake

The strange bubbles are created by bacteria after they have consumed dead organic matter

The gas – emitted by bacteria after they consume dead organic matter – is fairly harmless but these bubbles can cause an explosion if lit.

Methane gas bubble lake

The stunning views were seen from Lake Minnewanka, the Vermillion Lake and Abraham Lake.

Paul Zizka, 35, tracked down the natural phenomenon, which he photographed at Lake Minnewanka, the Vermillion Lake and Abraham Lake.

Methane gas bubble lake

The bubbles are mostly harmless but if lit, could cause a huge explosion

Abraham Lake is the most commonly-photographed spot for this occurrence.

But adventure-loving Paul, who loves to explore, revealed Lake Minnewanka offers rival views – yet is just a little trickier to get to.

He said: “All three lakes are ever-changing, cover wide areas and provide endless possibilities for the keen landscape photographer.

“They are magical places to explore and I find myself returning to them often.

“The methane bubbles depicted in the photographs have generated a lot of buzz primarily on social media.

“Many people have never seen the phenomenon before.

“People marvelled at the beauty of them and wondered what they really were.”