Clouds of fury! – Dramatic weather in Vietnam

Pic by Darren Wilch/Caters News

These dark clouds are having some serious flashes of anger.

A beautiful time-lapse video shows fierce bolt lightning illuminating the insides of a towering collection of clouds.

The bright flashes stand out starkly from the night sky above the Tonle Sap, Cambodia’s largest inland lake. 

The dramatic footage was shot by Darren Wilch, a freelance photographer form Norwich who lives and works in South East Asia.

He said: “I love making time-lapses like this, as it adds time and motion to the photography.

Pic by Darren Wilch/Caters News

“It’s also a brilliant way to capture the dramatic weather here, as well as some of the tours I do in Angkor Watt.

“I only took up photography a few years ago when I got bored of my nine-to-five job as a design engineer.

Pic by Darren Wilch/Caters News

“I came travelling in South East Asia and took the plunge to try and make a living from it.

“Cambodia is fantastic. As soon as I came here I felt immediately at home.”

Pic by Darren Wilch/Caters News