Cloud of that pic! Man snaps incredible ‘godzilla vs dumbo’ battle in sky

A photographer took a photo to be CLOUD of when he captured a battle between Godzilla and Dumbo in the sky.

Xo Sir, 52, snapped the unusual cloud formation – which appeared to form in the shape of some familiar characters – from a rooftop in Macau in Hong Kong.

Pic by Xosir/Caters News

The customers officer said: “When I looked at the clouds, I found they were quite a funny shape.

“I saw Godzilla and an elephant.

“I don’t usually see formations like this, it was very unique.

Pic by Xosir/Caters News

“This particular formation was very special to me because it was so easy to see the Godzilla and the elephant shapes.

“My friends and family all said I was lucky to take this photo and thought it was funny.”