Climber tackles remote island evacuated over 80 years ago

PIC BY Chris Prescott/ Dark Sky Media / CATERS NEWS

A group of intrepid explorers travelled to a remote island to tackle the extreme rock faces that many climbers couldn’t.

Climbers Dave Macleod and Natalie Berry, can be seen making there was along the towering cliff edge of the island of Archipelago, 50 miles west of the outer Hebrides, which are part of an extinct volcano.

Chris Prescott, 29, who runs the company Dark Sky Media, said: “We went there to explore the possibilities of climbing on the island as due to the remoteness and difficulty of access little climbing has been done previously.

“We had the opportunity to sail out there and so it seemed like a good option for doing some adventurous climbing in a wild and remote location.”

 PIC BY Chris Prescott/ Dark Sky Media / CATERS NEWS

The island was evacuated in the 1930’s due to the hardships of living there and the remains of building can still be seen as well as wild sheep.

The islands is also home to one of the biggest seabird colonies in the North Atlantic and Chris said:

“Careful consideration needed to be taken when climbing so as not to disturb the nesting birds.

PIC BY Chris Prescott/ Dark Sky Media / CATERS NEWS

The group sailed from Oban, Scotland, for over five days on a small boat called the Dodo’s Delight by captain, Bob Shepton.

Chris said: “The islands are so photogenic that it was hard not to point the camera and find an amazing view.

“That it was like something out of a prehistoric world!”