Captivating welsh sunflowers caught under an awesome milky way

A captivating image of a sunflower meadow under a Milky Way has been caught on camera.

Georgina Harper, 45, from Cardiff, South Wales captured these magical pictures with Jupiter and Mars both present.

The cycling team manager first started doing photography three years ago and developed an interest in photographing the night sky from there.

The images were taken at Rhossilli, on the Gower, South Wales, last month.

Georgina added:“The pictures were taken when the Milky Way is directly above the fields, and as it is an area of very dark skies, enabling much better visualisation of the night sky.

“The sunflowers have been planted by the National Trust for bird seed.

Pic by Georgina Harper/Caters News

“I was visiting the location specifically to take this photo. I also went down to the beach to see if there was bioluminescent algae at Llangennith, which was present in small amounts.

“The photo shows the galactic core of the Milky Way above a field of sunflowers – the galactic core is the very centre of the galaxy that the earth is in, comprised of stars and galactic dust.

“The bright star to the left of the shot is the planet Mars, and the star near the horizon on the right is the planet Jupiter.

“Additionally Saturn is also present, within the glow of the Milky Way.

“My favourite capture is the one which shows the Milky Way brightly, in a landscape format.

“I love photographing the night sky – the camera is capable of capturing so much more than we are able to see by eye, and every time I see the detail of the Milky Way, it blows my mind.

“This image is particularly compelling, as the Milky Way is so bright, and you can clearly see the stars and dust clouds that make up the galactic core.

“Not only that, but three planets from our own solar system are also in the image.”