Captivating bridge with mirrored image is fit for lord of the rings scene

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS 

A captivating bridge with a mirrored image across a misty lake could have come straight from the pages of The Lord of the Rings.

Roman Robroek, 30, was visiting Kromlau park in Gablenz, Germany, when he came across the Rakotz bridge.

The bridge, which was built in the 19th century, gives the reflection in the water from whatever point of view you take.

It merges into a perfect circle, and with the mist, is looks like a scene fit for film sequel, Lord of the Rings.

But despite being iconic amongst locals, it is forbidden to walk across the bridge.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

Roman, an ICT service manager, said: “I loved the fact that during sunrise, which was around 5am when I was there, there was fog on the water which gives it an even more mystical effect.

“I wanted to shoot the bridge at sunset and sunrise, which I did.

“You can clearly see a difference between the purple-ish photos that have been taken during sunset and the more blue and green-ish photos that have been taken during sunrise.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

“I found it important to show the bridge, which has the nickname The Devil’s Bridge, at both events to show the difference between it. Sunset had great sky with nice colours.”

Despite the bridge appearing to be in an isolated location, Roman claims it’s easy to access.

He added: “It was not a hard trip to make at all. The bridge is located in a public park with a huge parking lot quite close to it, which gives me the indication that it’s being visited quite often by hikers or tourists.”